Parking Management & Guidance

Parking Guidance Solution


Parking Management & Guidance Solution is a speciality solution that we at REVROY offer to companies that are constantly working to consistently improve productivity so as to deliver projects that can comply to green standards by reducing their carbon footprint. This solution provides information of available and empty parking spaces for car drivers to instantly identify them thus reducing the burning of fossil fuel.


They may be integrated with Parking Management system where there is collection of a fee for parking. The integration of Parking Guidance Solution to Parking Management aids in enhancing the positive experience of a visitor to a mall. It is a known fact that in many cases parking is one of the most dreaded aspect of a day that is planned for fun, leisure, relaxation and a good family time together. It is only because of the hassle of finding a parking slot easily and quickly that drives shoppers away to other places often leading to dissatisfaction among customers and patrons. The Parking Guidance Solution could bring back these valuable clientele to your facility. This happens only because of the smooth entry and departure that a facility offers.

Valuable Information

The Software offers valuable information to its investors abut the number of vehicles, the areas preferred for parking, the days of the week that generate most revenue and the duration of parking and all these are valuable data for a client to price and extract value from their investment. We haven’t begun mentioning the enhanced security that these systems offer.


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